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A Letter from Marisa Garber, JFS President

 Marisa Garber, JFS President

Marisa Garber, JFS President

I recently had the pleasure of attending an annual program at Jewish Family Service called “Faces of Adoption:  Families Telling their Stories.” It was an incredibly emotional and moving experience – one that I highly recommend to anyone considering adoption or whose family members or close friends have adopted or are considering adoption.  

During the evening, four families shared their adoption experiences. They began with their initial decision to adopt, the highs and lows of the process –one often fraught with frustration and disappointment – and culminating in the creation of their perfect family. Each participant expressed heartfelt appreciation and praise for the JFS counselors who guided and advised them throughout the entire process. It was clear they held these JFS staff members in the highest regard.  

I came away from that evening with an even stronger belief in and understanding of the incredible work that the JFS staff do each and every day. JFS’ services have a profound impact on the community and touch many lives. JFS’ expert and caring staff members provide support to those requiring financial assistance, social services, counseling, food assistance and home care, to name just a few.

Through our donors’ generosity, we are able to continue our high level of services to the community as well as expand and improve our programs. I am extremely proud that every single member of JFS’ board of directors contributed to JFS’s 2016 Annual Campaign. In addition, their total in pledged funds is 12 percent more than the targeted board goal! We are off to a great start, and please look in your mail this month for JFS’ Annual Campaign solicitation request.

I hope that you, like our board, will recognize the value of JFS’ essential work and I thank you – in advance – for your continued support of JFS.

Marisa Garber
JFS President

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