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The Lifeline Difference

With more than 35 years of experience, Lifeline is the industry leader in medical alert systems. Lifeline’s service includes state-of-the-art medical alert equipment and round-the-clock access to trained Response Associates in the event of an emergency.

Fast, Reliable Access to Help

Lifeline’s Response Center is company-owned and supported with a back-up Call Center, so you can count on getting help quickly. Lifeline equipment is self-checking and notifies the response center if it detects a power failure, low battery, or a button that needs to be replaced.

Comfort and Convenience

Help Buttons can be worn pendant-style or around the wrist. Weighing less than half an ounce, they are comfortable to wear, and unlike cell phones, they stay with you wherever you go. They’re also:

  • Waterproof. Wear it in the bath or shower, where falls often occur.
  • Charged. Your Help Button stays charged, giving you power when you need it most.
  • Thoughtfully designed. The smooth design of our buttons makes for comfortable, unobtrusive wear, and their recessed design prevents accidental activation.
  • Convenient. Subscribers can wear a button around neck or on their wrist, and can change options if they prefer. Neck cords are designed to break away in the event of an emergency and are easily replaced if they become soiled. Wristbands are elastic and can be replaced.

With Lifeline, you pay only for the service you need. There are no hidden fees, no expensive equipment charges, and no long-term contracts.