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Emergency Financial Assistance

In addition to assessment, support, information, and referrals, JFSRI is able to provide some modest financial assistance to those in the community who are most in need. The goal of the emergency financial assistance program is to help individuals and families get through short-term or unexpected challenges and move forward toward financial stability.

How We Can Help

A JFSRI case manager first meets with community members who request aid to assess their needs and identify how we can help. Our caring staff provides information on housing, food, and utility assistance, along with appropriate referrals. If it is determined that a modest amount of direct financial assistance will stabilize a financial crisis or emergency, JFSRI will make a payment directly to a landlord, utility company, or creditor.

Who We Serve

Following is a small sampling of community members served through this program:

  • “David,” a man in his early 60s, was living on social security having lost his savings to a costly illness his wife had faced earlier. When his car needed unexpected repairs, he was unable to pay out-of-pocket expenses for his prescription medications. JFSRI covered his pharmacy bills, which allowed him to catch up financially after the unexpected car expense.
  • “Julie,” a recently divorced mother of young children, had just landed a part-time job but had gotten so far behind on her utility payments that she was about to have her electricity cut off. The JFSRI case manager helped her to arrange a payment plan with the utility company and paid the first installments. This allowed her to recover financially after she received her first few paychecks.
  • “Linda,” a woman in her 50s, had lost her job in the recession and had been unable to find new work. After helping to pay for a niece’s funeral, she was unable to pay all of her rent and faced potential eviction. A JFSRI case manager paid her landlord the missing sum for the month and counseled her on her housing options for the future.

If you or someone you know in the community is in need of help, or if you would like to support JFSRI’s emergency financial assistance program, please contact us at 401-331-1244 or casemanager@jfsri.org, or click below to donate now.

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