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Counseling & Support

If you are ready to explore adoption, we will explain the many kinds of adoption arrangements that are possible. Together, we will work out the best situation for you and your child. There are never any fees for these services, whatever the outcome of your decision.

Caring Support When You Need It

If you decide to make an adoption plan, you will want to know that your child will be loved and well cared for. You may feel sadness, confusion, stress, and worry. Adoption Options will be there for you with trained counselors who specialize in adoption. We are also available to help you talk to friends and family about your decision.

Medical and Financial Assistance

Adoption Options can help arrange for the care and support you need while you are pregnant and help you to plan for the future after the baby is born. We offer a network of doctors, hospitals, and medical assistance professionals who understand adoption and will support your choices.

We will provide you with legal service experts who specialize in adoption and can safeguard your rights. Under certain circumstances, assistance can be provided in the areas of food housing, clothing, and transportation.