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For Adoptive Parents

If you choose to build your family through adoption, Adoption Options can help you.

  • We place infants and children who are in need of a loving home.
  • We do home studies to prepare you for adoption, whether you’re adopting through our program or another one.
  • We can arrange supportive services in other states and assist with international, identified, and private adoptions.
  • We provide post-adoption services for adoptive parents and children, as well as for birth parents.  

There are many choices to consider when thinking about adoption. These include which agency to use, from where to adopt, how much openness in an adoption is comfortable, the financial aspects of domestic or international adoption, and legal issues.

At Adoption Options, we offer a comprehensive array of affordable services from which you can select to arrive at the best arrangement for your needs. Our highly trained, caring experts are here to help you.

To talk to us or to set up an appointment for a free, confidential consultation, call our toll-free number: 1-800-337-6513 or email Adoption Coordinator Peg Boyle at peg@jfsri.org.