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About Us

Jewish Family Service of Rhode Island (JFSRI) offers senior care, counseling, adoption services, meal and emergency assistance, and other services to individuals and families in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts communities. Although our service is based on core Jewish values of respect, family, community, healing, and humanity, we serve all in need regardless of religious affiliation.

Our Clients Are Our Priority

We at JFSRI pride ourselves on working closely with clients and their families to ensure that their needs are met. Our focus is not on what we do, but rather on what we can do for you. This deep commitment is one of the hallmarks of our work. Our services, while extremely varied, share several other common threads:

  • Consistency. The JFSRI staff is truly a family. Our staff tend to stay with the agency for years. This consistency contributes to the trust that develops between client and staff and enhances our ability to meet individual needs.
  • Responsiveness. At JFSRI, your call is answered without delay. If you require an appointment, it will be scheduled promptly and an initial assessment will be made within five business days.
  • Professionalism. In addition to having professional credentials and degrees, our staff undergo continuous professional development and training. Moreover, as recognized experts they often provide field instruction to graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Client Satisfaction. We solicit continuous feedback and evaluations from clients and loved ones, and we continue to receive the highest marks in every program.
  • Confidentiality. Privacy, trust, and respect for our clients are the foundations of our work. All client meetings are held in the strictest confidence. JFSRI follows the ethical standards set forth by the National Association of Social Workers and HIPAA regulations.
  • Open Arms. Our services are open to the entire community. We serve anyone who needs assistance in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status.